Here are some other articles I’ve written that don’t fit into any of the other above categories:

Taylor Swift Spotify debacle (Blog, November 2014)
Spectacle vs. substance in sci-fi (Cinema Jam, November 2014)
Is this the end of Pixar? (Cinema Jam, December 2014)
Stephanie Zari interview (Cinema Jam, December 2014)
Emrhys Cooper interview (Cinema Jam, December 2014)
“The Interview” hullaballoo (Cinema Jam, December 2014)
Hu Wei interview (Cinema Jam, January 2015)
Golden Globes 2015 Recap (Cinema Jam, January 2015)
Oscar Nominations 2015 Recap (Cinema Jam, January 2015)
Film vs. Digital (Cinema Jam, February 2015)
BAFTAs 2015 Recap (Cinema Jam, February 2015)
Dan Connolly Interview (Cinema Jam, February 2015)
No way out: 10 intense claustrophobic thrillers (Cinema Jam, March 2015)
2015 Toscars Recap (Cinema Jam, February 2015)
2015 (87th) Oscars Preview (Cinema Jam, February 2015)
2015 (87th) Oscars Recap (Cinema Jam, February 2015)
Lewis Arnold Interview (Cinema Jam, March 2015)
Is sequel fever killing Hollywood’s creativity? (Cinema Jam, April 2015)
Gus Van Sant’s “Psycho” and the murder of shot-for-shot remakes (Cinema Jam, April 2015)
Destiny Ekaragha feature (Cinema Jam, April 2015)
The Spread Art House Issue (Cinema Jam, May 2015)
The Spread Comedy Issue (Cinema Jam, June 2015)
The 15 Funniest Films of the Decade So Far (Cinema Jam, June 2015)
Funnybad Movies (Cinema Jam, June 2015)
Ian Tierney’s “Spike” (Cinema Jam, June 2015)
The Spread History Issue (Cinema Jam, July 2015)
Gene Fallaize Interview (Cinema Jam, July 2015)
Jonathan Sothcott Interview (Cinema Jam, August 2015)
Vertigo VOD (Cinema Jam, August 2015)
Melissa J. Woodside Interview (Cinema Jam, August 2015)
The Spread Behind-the-Scenes Issue (Cinema Jam, August 2015)
The Spread Animation Issue (Cinema Jam, September 2015)
Tom Levigne Interview (Cinema Jam, September 2015)
Ian Waugh Interview (Cinema Jam, September 2015)
Simon Cartwright Interview (Cinema Jam, September 2015)
Rich Hardisty & Andy Needle Interview (Cinema Jam, September 2015)
Don Hertzfeldt Ranked (Cinema Jam, September 2015)
Who Wants to Go to Drone School? (Cinema Jam, September 2015)
Isabelle Sieb Interview (Cinema Jam, October 2015)
Arhynn Descy Interview (Cinema Jam, October 2015)
The Spread Women in Film Issue (Cinema Jam, October 2015)
Jamie Hooper Interview (Cinema Jam, November 2015)
Sorcha Bacon and Nick Morris Interview (Cinema Jam, November 2015)
The Spread Short Film Issue (Cinema Jam, November 2015)
Sam Southward Interview (Cinema Jam, December 2015)
The Spread Sci-Fi Issue (Cinema Jam, December 2015)
Andrew Ellard Interview (Cinema Jam, December 2015)
Top 20 Sci-Fi Films of the 2010s (so far) (Cinema Jam, December 2015)
Simon Rowling Interview (Cinema Jam, December 2015)
Superplex Pictures Interview/Feature (Cinema Jam, December 2015)
Dan Hodgson Interview (Cinema Jam, January 2016)
Daniel Montanarini Interview (Cinema Jam, January 2016)
Best Films of 2015 (Cinema Jam, January 2016)
The Spread New Horizons Issue (Cinema Jam, January 2016)
Most Anticipated Films of 2016 (Cinema Jam, January 2016)
Dean Leon Anderson’s “Ribbon” (Cinema Jam, January 2016)
Serena Armitage Interview (Cinema Jam, January 2016)
Benjamin Cleary Interview (Cinema Jam, January 2016)
2016 Oscar Nominations (Cinema Jam, January 2016)
Oscar Hudson Interview (Cinema Jam, February 2016)
Thordur Palsson Interview (Cinema Jam, February 2016)
Don’s Plum Feature (Cinema Jam, February 2016)
Michael Yanny Interview (Cinema Jam, February 2016)
Caroline Bartleet Interview (Cinema Jam, February 2016)
The Spread Event Issue (Cinema Jam, February 2016)
BAFTAs 2016 Recap (Cinema Jam, February 2016)
2016 Oscar Predictions (Cinema Jam, February 2016)
8 Takeaways from the 88th Oscars (Cinema Jam, February 2016)
Kim Noce & Shaun Clark Interview (Cinema Jam, March 2016)
Laura Spini Interview (Cinema Jam, March 2016)
Rene Pannevis Interview (Cinema Jam, March 2016)
Noriko Ishibe Interview (Cinema Jam, March 2016)
The Spread Challenge Issue (Cinema Jam, March 2016)
Katy Milner Interview (Cinema Jam, April 2016)
Ben Mallaby Interview (Cinema Jam, April 2016)
Mathieu Karsenti Interview (Cinema Jam, April 2016)
Manos Ioannou Interview (Cinema Jam, April 2016)
Jamie Plaumer Interview (Cinema Jam, April 2016)
April Kelley Interview (Cinema Jam, April 2016)
The Spread Superhero Issue (Cinema Jam, April 2016)
BAFTA Guru Live Feature (Cinema Jam, April 2016)
Jacob Migicovsky Interview (Cinema Jam, May 2016)
James Webber Interview (Cinema Jam, May 2016)
The Spread European Issue (Cinema Jam, May 2016)
NFTS Short Courses Feature (Cinema Jam, May 2016)
Diana Olifirova Interview (Cinema Jam, May 2016)
Browzan (Christopher Brown) Interview (Cinema Jam, June 2016)
Laura Spini’s “You Are Whole” (Cinema Jam, June 2016)
The Spread Sound Issue (Cinema Jam, June 2016)
Sam Johnson Interview (Cinema Jam, June 2016)
Top 10 movies about the Internet (Cinema Jam, July 2016)
Christine Hooper Interview (Cinema Jam, July 2o16)
Kate Jessop Interview (Cinema Jam, July 2016)
Joker’s Pack (Roxanne Holman and Mark Blackman) Interview (Cinema Jam, July 2016)
The Spread Digital Issue (Cinema Jam, July 2016)
Richard Greatrex Interview (Cinema Jam, July 2016)
The Spread Summer Issue (Cinema Jam, August 2016)
Cameron’s Picks: The Way I’m Livin’ (Blog, May 2017)

All of my Cinema Jam work can be found here:


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